British Gas Complaints

British Gas complaintsOne thing everyone in the United Kingdom has in common is they have to be customers of one of the main utility suppliers. One of the biggest of these companies is British Gas. British Gas has a huge number of customers in the UK, and this customer base has generated a large number of British Gas Complaints.

Lack of trust.

The causes of the complaints are varied, but they can all be summed up in three words: lack of trust.

Customers who have chosen British Gas feel that in some way the company they have put their trust in has failed them, and it is important that they feel able to communicate their frustrations and get some manner of reparation. This is why a simple and clear direction to a British Gas complaints contact number is so important to them.

The words lack of trust covers a whole range of reasons why a customer is unhappy with the service they have signed up for. 

Fraudulent claims and bills.

In the past many of the complaints have concerned accusations of fraud and harassment. Cases of inflated bills and false claims that people had signed up to fixed price agreements, when it was patently untrue. Customers began to lose their trust in the company, and when this happens it is important that an easy to find and reliable British Gas complaints number is available to them.


Harassment has been another cause of complaints to British Gas. Cases where people have been served with a summons for money not owed or refusal to grant access, have been issued in the expectation that most people will feel intimidated and pay up. British gas and their debt collectors rely on the reality that many people will be unwilling to face a court, and they will win their case against the customer by default. 

Cancelling a contract with British Gas.

Customers should have been supplied with a postal address to write to, if they wish to cancel their contract with British Gas. British Gas has a simple procedure for this purpose.
A letter requesting termination of the contract, in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed, should be sent to the address supplied. The letter should also contain a meter point reference number, and an expiry date. A written acknowledgement of receipt of this letter should be requested.

Customers expect results.

People who sign up with a prestigious utility company such as British gas have a right to expect the highest possible service and integrity. When this is not forthcoming, they look for someone to redress their complaints. And whether it is fraudulent billing, un-warranted harassment from debt collectors, or poor customer care: they expect results. So it is vital the British Gas complaints number is clearly visible and easy to access.