British Gas Contact Number – 0843 487 1809

British Gas contact numberBritish Gas is an energy company that provides gas and electricity supplies to residential and business properties. It is one of the largest utility firms in the UK and serves millions of customers. Those that want to get in touch with the company can do so through the British Gas contact number service, with the main details for this shown below.

Account Enquiries

This British Gas phone number can be used by existing customers to query the amount of their bill or details of the different ways to pay. Other questions they can ask include what help is available if they are having trouble paying, what discounts British Gas offer customers, and what are the benefits of using a Payment Card.

Pay as You Go

Customers that top up their meter using a key or card should use the Pay as You Go contact details. This allows them to ask about having this style of meter installed and where to buy credit. Other common enquiries include what to do if a card/key is lost or stolen, how to avoid illegal top up scams, and the meaning of messages that show on meter screens. 

Moving Home

This British Gas phone number allows existing customers to ask about what they have to do before leaving their old premises, what they should do if they cannot take a meter reading prior to moving out, how to receive their final bill after moving, and whether British Gas supplies are available at their new property.

British Gas contact numberNew Customers

Anyone looking to join British Gas should use the sales contact details. This number enables them to ask about whether British Gas supplies are available at their address, what types of meters and accounts they can use, how to have a meter installed, the tariffs charged for gas and electricity, and the bill payment options available

Maintenance and Repair

The maintenance and repair British Gas Phone number is for existing customers that need the services of an engineer. It can be used to enquire about booking an annual service for a boiler, what to do in the event of a breakdown, and the benefits of applying for the HomeCare service.

The information shown above includes some of the main contact options available to customers. Other British Gas contact number details can be found on the company’s website.