British Gas Customer Services – 0843 487 1809

British Gas customer servicesIn the last few years British Gas has been trying hard to improve its rather tarnished image. It was in 1997 that British Gas demerged its enterprises and became Centrica plc and BG plc. Centrica was allowed to retain its ‘British Gas’ trading name. In 1998 with new competition moving in Centrica could no longer hold its monopoly of gas supplies in the UK.

By the mid- 2000’s British Gas customer services were themselves put under the spotlight due to the manner in which customers with ever increasing complaints were treated. It wasn’t an unusual occurrence to phone the British Gas customer services contact number and if it wasn’t continuously engaged, find the phone seemed to ring forever.

British Gas customer services today is a more streamlined and efficient service.


The British Gas customer services contact number for all accounts enquiries and queries is a stand-alone number. This department is the one for any problems you may have on your gas or electricity bills, over or under billing, wrong or no legitimate discounts, or false meter readings.


Some people choose to prepay for their gas and electricity supplies. This involves having a meter fitted which allows a key or prepaid card to be used for delivering a fixed amount of gas or electrical kilowatts. Use British Gas Customer Services for all information regarding having a meter fitted, where one can purchase keys or cards, or any other questions regarding the system.


When moving house you will need to have a final meter reading for the gas or electricity you have used since receiving your last bill and a reading when you arrive at your new house to ensure you are not paying for others energy supplies when you receive your first bill. Contact Customer Services who may ask you for a reading over the phone, or will arrange for a meter reader to call at a convenient time.


For those experiencing difficulty trying to access the British Gas website.


This department deals with all aspects of central heating and boiler breakdowns and for those holding or requiring Home Care plans. Annual services, replacement or new boilers, and plumbing and drainage problems; all these departments have their own contact numbers, including one for None HomeCare customers.